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A Message To Young People From Andrei Tarkovsky - Mezzo Soprano, Flute, 

Bass Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano

20 Miles East of the ColoradoVariable Ensemble

Death of a Saint Piano Solo

Small Tree Piccolo/Flute, Alto Sax, Piano (Winner of the 2020 Additive Color Ensemble Inaugural Call for Scores)

Water Children  - Fixed Media, featured on the album Variations on Kate's Heartbeat

Border Music - Graphic Score/Saxophone Quartet

Earthscraper - Fixed Media (Partnership with the ASU School of Dance)

Safe? - Mixed Ensemble (Premiered at OME Festival)

All That Glitters is Not Gold - String Quartet

Chronophobia - E. Guitar, Accordion, Glockenspiel, Bassoon, Piano

Pais Pequeño - String Ensemble, Piano, Percussion

Portrait of My Dead Brother - Saxophone Quartet (Commissioned by Mana Quartet)

Yo Soy Llanero - arr. String Quartet (Commissioned by Kronos Quartet)

A La Roro Niño - Fixed Media, Music for Alice's Room

Witch Wagon - Guitar Trio (Commissioned by Mobius Trio)

Sonnet 3 - Soprano, Flute, Oboe, Piano

Portraits - Baritone/Piano, Soprano, tape (Commissioned by New Keys)

In The Forest - Chamber Ensemble (Premiered by Nicole Paiment)

Woven Ink - String Quartet (Premiered by Friction Quartet)

Treescape - Peirrot Ensemble (Premiered by Nonsemble 6)


Water Children- Fixed Media

Featured on the album Variations for Kate's Heartbeat 

©2019 Kyle Hovatter

Portrait of My Dead Brother - Saxophone Quartet

Featured on the album Vide Supra by Mana Quartet

©2016 Mark Records/Naxos America

©2020.all rights reserved

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