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Kevin, a composer based in the Southwest, has worked with talented chamber ensembles, writing music for Kronos Quartet, Mana Quartet, Mobius Trio, New Keys, Nonsemble 6, Friction Quartet and sfSound among others. His music is an amalgamation of compositional processes and experiments with texture and rhythm. Graphic scores, electro-acoustic works, tape, indigenous music from Central and South America, and extended techniques all make up the DNA of his music. Kevin has a MM in Composition from Arizona State University and a BM in Composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.


Scriptorium - For Reed Quintet 

Commissioned by Driftwood Quintet

Diaphonia - String Quartet


Small Tree - Additive Color Ensemble (Flute, Sax, Piano)

03.01.2020 Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY

20 Miles East of The Colorado - Akron New Music Ensemble 

Akron New Music Festival - 7:30pm Guzzetta Recital Hall

04.01.2020 University of Akron, Akron, Ohio


"Portrait of My Dead Brother" (Saxophone Quartet)

Mana Quartet

11.05.19 Skyloft Groupmuse, New York City, NY

07.15.15 Utrecht, Netherlands

07.14.15 Badenweiler, Germany

07.10.15 Strasbourg, France

05.30.15-06.13.15 National Music Festival, MD

03.11.15 Oklahoma State University Contemporary Music Festival


"All That Glitters is Not Gold"  - (String Quartet)

04.18.15 PHX Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ


"Y Soy Llanero" - (String Quartet)

Kronos Quartet 

08.15.14 Ravello, Italy

05.05.14 Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, France

03.19.14 Tyron Festival Theatre, Urbana, IL

03.08.14 SF Jazz Center, San Francisco, CA


"Witch Wagon" - (Guitar Trio)

Mobius Trio

08.13.18 Garden of Memory, San Francisco CA

05.23.14 GFA Cal State Fullerton, CA

03.20.14 UC Riverside, CA

03.11.14 Monk Space, Los Angeles, CA

03.04.14 Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, CA

07.21.13 SFCMP, Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA

03.22.13 Old First Concerts, San Francisco, CA

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